Six short facts about Benedetti, Gucer & Associates

  • We are Registered Investment Advisors. Most firms are not. Being an RIA means that we have a legal fiduciary duty to provide suitable investment advice to our clients and to always act in their best interests. But even if we weren’t RIA’s, we’d still do what’s best for our clients. That’s just the way we were brought up.
  • We offer investment options not available to most people. Privately traded REIT's purchased at a discount on the secondary market for example. And private equity and activist investor funds for a couple more. Fact is, we offer every investment option the largest firms do and some they don’t. Along with advice that is much more sophisticated than that offered by our competitors. (Our tax planning advice as it pertains to investments is particularly highly valued by clients.)
  • We “eat our own cooking”. Any investment we recommend to a client is one in which we’ve invested ourselves. We have no incentive to push our own branded products or investments our bankers have underwritten – the way the large financial organizations do. We can afford to be totally objective and recommend what’s right for the client.
  • We don’t believe in “playing the market”. We believe the stock market is a great place to grow wealth. But not necessarily to create it. Most of our clients have created their wealth through their business, their real estate and their practices. They trust us to protect it and help it grow.
  • We aim to do great work for a few good clients. We don’t compete with the big financial organizations on the amount of assets under management or on floor space. And we never will. We temper our growth in order to ensure that the advice and service we provide to each client is superior to that offered by any firm, regardless of size.
  • It’s pretty simple, really. We’ve demonstrated to many of our clients that growing wealth is a matter of doing certain simple things right.  Simple things that even some of the most successful aren’t doing. We’ll show you what they are.



 RIA Atlanta GA